Monday, April 20, 2015

Sports Programmes

We often get asked about what sports programmes we show at The Caledonia and what takes priority. It isn't always as easy as it sounds. And of course we have a lot of customers with varied interests in all sorts of sports. We once had a request to show the Scottish Sheep Dog Trials. So it's not all football and rugby. And of course there is one of our favourite night - The Eurovision Song Contest.

We try and post as much information on our Facebook page as we can. But we can't always post everything. So we tend to stick to what football and rugby will be on TV. But of course we are always open to showing the tennis, darts, NFL, snooker, horse racing or whatever else takes your fancy. There are also some events that customers really want to see, but it all starts at 9 in the morning. We are happy to consider opening a bit earlier if there is something you want to watch. Feel free to ask.

Thereafter we use our 6 TVs and large screen to cover as much as we can. Some with English language commentary, some in Hungarian. Our staff can always direct you to the TV that is covering the event you want to watch. When there are a number of games on at the same time it's important that you state which game you want to watch when you reserve a table. We do have areas where you can keep an eye on more than one game at a time.

Where there is a clash of two games on at the same time where we simply cannot cover both, we are likely to know of a nearby pub that will be showing the game that we are unable to cover. Again please feel free to ask.

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